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Clipboards are typically made of plastic, acrylic, or environmentally friendly-hardwood. A hardboard, which feels like very hard cardboard, is made by melting fibers together. These give you a writing surface that is smooth and good enough to not affect your handwriting. Clipboards made of plastic or acrylic, which come in a wider range of colors and designs, are a little bit more reliable. If all you need is a sturdy writing surface, a straightforward clipboard with a tension clip should be sufficient. The best clipboard for writing has been added for your use. Therefore, let’s go.

Amazon Basics Plastic Clipboards, Low Profile Clip Amazon Basics Plastic Clipboards, Best for classrooms, Writing, Offices, Restaurants, and Doctor Offices. Smooth, waterproof, and durable surface. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A retractable hanging loop stows away when not needed. Clip corners for a more secure grip. Check Price
Officemate Recycled Plastic Clipboard Officemate has the perfect clipboard for you. Perfect for traveling or on-site needs. For on the work site or school applications. The blue coloring of the board. Playful and a delight in the eyes, without being too hard. This is great for the latter use as well as a general clipboard. Check Price
Saunders Recycled Saunders Recycled Clipboard, Black. Made from 96% recycled plastic with at least 50% post-consumer waste. High-capacity clip that securely holds 1″ of letter-size and A4-size paper. Hang it neatly on the wall using a hanging hole. Check Price
Mind Reader Apprentice Collection Mind Reader Apprentice Collection, Storage Clipboard. This file folder comfortably fits Letters or 8. 5 x 11 paper and A4 sizes. It can also hold index cards, postcards, and much more. Perfect as a receipts organizer or nurse. Check Price
Officemate Recycled Wood Clipboards Officemate Recycled Wood Clipboards, Low Profile. It is easily stacked and stored in a briefcase or carrying bag. Rust-resistant metal clip tilts back easily to load paper. The clip securely holds up to 60 sheets of paper. High-quality hardwood creates great writing. Check Price
Amazon Basics Plastic Amazon Basics Plastic Clipboards, Assorted Color. Eye-catching colors, including transparent orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, and light pink. Very professional, kids, and women-friendly. If you need this size of clipboard, these do the job. You can’t beat the price. Excellent product. Check Price
Lion Heavy-Duty Clipboard, Letter Lion Heavy-Duty Clipboard. Wide and flat steel lever clamps can securely hold up to 180 sheets without damaging papers. This recycled clipboard is made from 96.8% post-consumer waste or recycled plastic bottles. Made in Japan. Check Price
Black Plastic Clipboards Black Plastic Acrylic clipboards Multipack – 12.5×9 Inch. Durable rounded corners edges and size is suitable for most briefcases. Having a non-slip base will grasp your desk. they are safe around kids for learning, painting, group projects, and home use. Check Price
BAZIC Standard Size Hardboard BAZIC Standard Size Hardboard Clipboard. This is fantastic for extra support when drawing, portable, and taking notes. Great for those needing extra support while writing tasks and projects, this low-profile clipboard Check Price
Mobile Ops Portfolio Mobile Ops Portfolio Clipboard Vertical. Closed privacy cover to protect documents, then open and fold back for use as a traditional clipboard. Made from recycled content to promote an eco-friendly design. Check Price

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