6 Best compression sleeve pullers

A specialty plumbing tool called a sleeve puller is one that you probably won’t use very often, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have it. This tool is primarily used to remove brass compression rings from various compression fittings. It is most often used to replace fixture shutoff valves of the compression type. This tool makes it simple to remove the brass compression sleeve under the compression nut that can become virtually fused to the copper pipe over time. When removing a compression fitting, a common DIY mistake is to twist the best compression sleeve puller, which can easily damage the pipe.

Top of the compression sleeve puller:

Superior Tool Company 03943 Compression Sleeve PullerSuperior Tool Company 03943 Sleeve Puller and Remover for 1/2 inch. It beats using the side clamp puller type that tends to slip off. Allowing you to use the new ferrule that comes with the new valve to get a sealed connection.View
LASCO 13-2706LASCO 13-2706 Compression Puller Tool 4661, 1, SS. Using that method, you usually use a flat blade screwdriver in the groove to break the sleeve at that point. It has everything needed and is by far the best of its kind. The easiest way to remove nuts.View
Sleeve Puller Tool Remove FerruleDebialo, This ferrule puller removes leaking compression sleeves without damaging walls, which effortlessly pulls the nut and feral off of the pipe. If you are in need of replacing a quarter turn valve on a dishwasher, sink, or toilet that has compression fittings. Fully machined body and screw, this ferrule puller is durable, corrosion-resistant & wear resistant.View
Fiada 2 Pcs Ferrule Removal Tool Olive PullerFiada 2 Pcs Ferrule Removal Tool Olive Puller, Removal Tool for 1/2 Inch and 3/4 Inch Brass Pipes. It is smooth on the surface, with high strength and hardness, and not easy to corrode and wear. Providing you with a long service.  To increase torque and remove olives more easily, providing a quick and reliable remedy for removing most olives.View
LASCO 13-2707 Faucet Handle PullerLASCO 13-2707 Faucet Handle Puller with 1/2-Inch Copper Compression Sleeve Removal Adapter. Use to pull the nut and compression sleeve off of the copper pipe. Saves time and effort when replacing old angle stops.View
Plumbing Tools Compression RingThe MILMUMU, Plumbing Tools Compression Ring Removal Tool – Corroded & Frozen Supply Stops. The puller tool will automatically pull the compression nut and ferrule. It removes leaking compression sleeves without damaging walls.View

Last Updated on June 25, 2023

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