8 Best high flow catalytic converters

In order to increase the rate at which exhaust gases flow, a high-flow catalytic converter has fewer restrictions than a standard catalytic converter. All improvements to performance are made possible by this altered exhaust system, which improves the flow of exhaust gases. Most of the time, a vehicle’s stock exhaust system is too restrictive for this, so other modifications to the exhaust system help. The structure of the best high flow catalytic converter is a honeycomb with various coatings that change the chemicals depending on the catalyst stage. Through this structure, exhaust fumes move from stage to stage and react. The catalytic converter, like the majority of the parts of the exhaust system, is complicated and necessary.

Top high flow catalytic converter:

Mophorn Catalytic ConverterMophorn Catalytic Converter. Its high-flow design provides more oxygen to your engine, dramatically improving your exhaust system. A stainless steel body for long-term use, capable of enduring high-temper gases from the exhaust. The kit also comes with gaskets and hardware for replacement. Professional installation is highly recommended for exerting its max capability.Price
AUTOSAVER88 2-Pack Universal Catalytic ConverterAUTOSAVER88 2-Pack, Universal fit for vehicles with the 3-inch outer diameter exhaust pipe. Note: Professional installation would be highly recommended. Adopts a heavy-duty T409 stainless steel shell that highly resists heat, rust, and corrosion for longer service life. Internal honeycomb ceramic substrates have a porous structure to increase the reaction area.Price
Flowmaster 2230125 Catalytic ConverteFlowmaster 2230125 Catalytic Converter. S.D. 2.50″. Durable and long-lasting, Excellent flow characteristics. The internal substrate material and precious metal loading have been carefully engineered for maximum efficiency. Require welding and/or fabrication and should be installed by qualified technicians.Price
Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA 93253Walker Exhaust Ultra EPA 93253, OE-style high-technology washcoat, and optimal precious metal load deliver the required reduction in tailpipe emissions to match vehicle application. Features stainless-steel body with aluminized pipe and heat shields for durability. Protecting the undercarriage from the heat created by the converter.Price
Honda Accord Direct Fit High Flow Series Cat ConverterMophorn The direct-fit catalytic converter is compatible with 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Honda Accord DX/EX/LX 2.4L L4. It is universal for vehicles with a 2.2″/5.5 cm outer diameter exhaust pipe. The free-flow catalytic converter has standard specification flanges designed for easy installation. Its internal ceramic substrates contain high-load precious metal catalysts.Price
MagnaFlow UniversalMagnaFlow Universal Catalytic OEM Grade Federal/EPA Compliant 51206. Integrated OEM-like O2 ports guarantee optimal converter performance and reliability. You can place it in the exact location and orientation required for your vehicle. The clamshell design features a continuous seam weld that ensures superior thermal insulation.Price
BBK 1521 2.5 High Flow PerformanceBBK 1521 2.5″ high flow performance with high flow catalytic converter for Ford. Bbk is your number one aftermarket performance exhaust brand in the USA. Exhaust is built with CNC mandrel bent tubing for 35% increased flow over stock to increase horsepower.Price
AUTOSAVER88 Adopts heavy-dutyAUTOSAVER88 Adopts heavy-duty T409 stainless steel shell that highly resists heat and rust. And corrosion for longer service life, no worry about bending or melting even in extreme conditions. Universal fit for vehicles with the 2.5-inch outer diameter exhaust pipe.Price

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