9 Best microblading eyebrow pencils

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Ink Permanent brands, It’s easy and easy to draw nice hairs in microblading with their eyebrow mapping kit. Before continuing with eyebrow mapping micro blading, create a preliminary shape of the hairs to show the client what the result of the process will look like. That is extremely easy with Ink Permanent brow pencil micro blading. Best eyebrow pencils for maintaining the sketch during the work process. A sketch of eyebrows and lips is required for verification earlier than the tattooing begins. In addition to approval by the shopper of the procedure. You are able to do powdered brows or watercolor lips. Any method requires a preliminary sketch with their forehead mapping pencil, you can create a fast and crisp sketch! Mark up and define the sketch, and safe.

Natural colors of waterproof pencils from mild brown to black (Gentle Brown Pencil, Medium Brown Pencil, Darkish Brown Pencil, Eyebrow Pencil Black, Purple Eyebrow Pencil). Each shade is selected as carefully as possible for the pure shades of the eyebrows. You will find the right shade in our collection! Use our Mapping Pencil. Common eyebrow shade pencils are appropriate for Make-up in skilled and residential use. Create the perfect form for your eyebrows or lips. Give volume and thickness to your eyebrows. The color stays bright and doesn’t change all through the day, even on the oiliest skin. Your powder and lipstick could also be passed by the top of the day, however, our eyebrows pencil will keep in your face for the rest of the day.

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