9 Best indoor light timers

GE 24-Hour Heavy Duty Indoor Plug-in MechanicalGE 24-Hour Heavy Duty Indoor Plug-in Mechanical Grounded Outlets for Lamps, Seasonal Lighting. Mechanical operation with convenient pushpins offers a simple setup. 30-minute intervals support a varied schedule while the convenient override switch interrupts the timer cycle when not needed. Plugs into any indoor outlet to provide time with a sleek white finish.View Price
myTouchSmart Indoor Outdoor Plug-In Digital TimermyTouchSmart Indoor/Outdoor Plug-In Digital Timer. Schedule indoor and outdoor lights or other devices including indoor/outdoor lighting, small pumps, small appliances, and seasonal lighting. Features a built-in bracket to easily hang near any available outlet. Simply set the current time in your area then choose up to 2 custom ON and 2 custom OFF times.View Price
GE home electrical SunSmart in-WallGE home electrical SunSmart in-Wall Digital Timer, Daily ON/Off Times, Programmable Settings. The built-in function adjusts sunrise and sunset settings throughout the year to accommodate varying daylight times for your region. Replace single-pole or three-way switches equipped with a neutral wire to control LED, CFL, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. Controls are hidden behind the large button.View Price
myTouchSmartmyTouchSmart In-Wall Digital Programmable Timer. Blue LED indicator lights next to each button show which buttons/programs are currently active or selected. Features 4 programmable On/Off buttons and 2 On/Off override buttons for when you need to use the connected light fan. Ideal for ceiling lights, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, patio lights, and more.View Price
Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Timer with Astronomical ClockLeviton VPT24-1PZ Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Timer with Astronomical Clock. Adjusts to local sunrise, sunset, and daylight saving. Use in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms, and other light commercial applications. Program up to 49 on/off event settings per day. Reduce energy consumption and extend bulb life.View Price
NSi Industries TORK RTN112NSi Industries TORK RTN112 Indoor 15-Amp Plug-in Mechanical Appliance Timer. The timer allows you to turn on and off your lamps, fans, and other small appliances automatically. To set times, insert the Green tripper into the slot for the desired time. To set off times, insert the red tripper into the desired times slot. 120-Volt, 60 hz, 15-Amp, 1800-watt restrictive.View Price
Enerlites Bathroom Timer Countdown SwitchEnerlites Bathroom Timer Countdown Switch. Easy to locate in darkness. Ideal for bathroom, closet, pantry, garage, laundry room, and spa. Due to the bright light, bedrooms are not recommended for this feature. Automate the shut-off operations of all types of lights including LED lights, CFLs, fans, and heaters at the time of pre-set.View Price
Woods indoor light timersWoods 50006 50006WD Indoor Ideal for Automation Holiday Decorations. Designed with a warm neutral color pallet to compliment today’s home interior. The safety and security as you come home to a lighted house. No fumbling for the light switch. The Woods brand of timers and home controls bring simplicity to your life.View Price
Fospower 7 Day ProgrammableFospower 7-Day Programmable Digital Timer for Electrical Outlets, Indoor Plug-in Light Timer Switch. The outlet timer allows you to control 2 different devices simultaneously. Works perfectly with lamps, decorations, and other 125v electronics. With the integrated random function, the outlet timer will selectively turn on and off your lights between 6 pm and 6 am.View Price

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