9 Best Ionic hair dryers

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What is the difference between ionic vs ceramic blow dryers?

Ceramic is a material used in hair dryers, Ionic is the Technology created by Ceramic. A hairdryer can be each. In case your hair dryer is Ceramic, it’s Ionic. When Ceramic is heated it generates negative ions that smooth the positive ions in your hair allowing hair to lay flat and easily.

What does an ionic hair straightener do?

An ionic hair straightener is a tool that emits negatively charged ions, which supposedly easy the hair shaft and assist with shine. The distinction between an ionic dryer and an everyday one may be very small.

Which are the best ionic hair dryers we recommend?

Elchim 3900 Healthy Professional Dryer, Healthy Ionic compact turbo hair dryers are developed in one of the trend capitals of the world. Use highly effective Italian-engineered AC motors for premium quality that will last. it feels to leave the salon, hair newly trimmed and completely styled by an expert. With their 3900 dryers, you’ll be able to achieve that hydrating salon-level shine and really feel lovely, nourished, and glowing. These dryers are additionally designed to eliminate static electricity to create the graceful finish you’ve been dreaming of.

The 3900 can also be lightweight and ergonomic for complicated styling tools that received weigh you down or harm your wrist. This dryer is very well designed. The place of the heat & airflow switches on the handle is perfect. You can also make changes on the fly without having to alter your grip. Also, the cool-shot button is in the precise spot the place your thumb naturally rests while holding the dryer. Buttons & switches are simple to use however provide enough resistance so you don’t accidentally change settings.

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