5 Best magnetic cabinet locks

One of the most effective things regarding the best magnetic cabinet locks is that they don’t modify the drawer or door to open at all. There aren’t any gaps for little fingers to induce stuck-in if your kids try and get into things. Many people also like magnetic locks because all of the elements are hidden.

Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System

1. “Safety 1st” Magnetic Cabinet Locks

This product sells more than 4000+ and most of the customer are happy. You can switch them into the “off” position if you’re perpetually opening the drawer (for example while cooking). You need a drill for the holes but ensure you know the depth of your cabinet doors. There were YouTube videos that were fantastic.

The magnet is powerful. The doors are securely closed and do not budge once the stop is up and engaged. Without a doubt, this is the most straightforward cabinet door protection system for RV cabinet doors. That tends to pop open from vibration or movement while traveling down the road.

The hardest part is a basic cognitive process where the lock is on the drawers. The kicks do take up a little bit of area in the drawers. So if the drawer is tiny, to start with, be selective about where you place it. I highly suggest it.

Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks

2. Toddleroo Locks

This item has 4 locks + 1 key. It’s very easy to set up. You do not need any tools for setup. The locks can manually be placed in the off position once you make dinner. Also, the baby is asleep and you want to open everything without the magnet.

These don’t need nails or screws. The “key” is simply a magnet and it comes with a small magnetic stand with 3M tape on one side. So you can keep it in the same spot all the time. Most people search for hidden locks.

The cabinets don’t open at all when they are locked, which protects baby fingers from being pinched. Automatically relocks each time the door closes. If this can be annoying it’s a switch to stay unlocked permanently until you’re prepared for it to be in the auto-lock once more. Get additional keys, not just any magnet will work.

Hurrise Magnetic cabinet Locks

3. Hurrise Magnetic Cabinet Locks

These locks use adhesive rather than drilled holes. That is good for flat dwellers or those who aren’t that handy with tools. You won’t need to make permanent changes to your cabinets to use them. You’ll get a set of 6 locks, and they come with 2 keys.

That way, if you lose one, you won’t get in complete panic mode that you’ll never be able to open any of your cabinets again. These latches are easy to install on cabinets and drawers.

They are durable and the adhesive tape is strong enough to be effective against our active 1.5-year-old grandson. the circular mounts are so you can place the key in different spots around your house. These work as they should and look nicer than other child safety things. These are also easy to use and not complicated even for adults like other child safety things.

Eco Baby cabinet locks

4. Eco Baby Locks

They will give you 12 locks to use throughout the room with 2 keys. If you accidentally drop the key and the magnet pops out, confirm you pop the magnets back in with the right orientation. Test the locks on the door before snapping the items back together. Take some time putting in the locks. Confirm the surface is super clean and free of dirt.

The 3M tape is powerful, but won’t last if there’s something on the surface. They do come with butterfly stickers to the position on the cabinet. Point out where the magnet is on the opposite side, so you do need to search for it.

Dlux 12 Magnet Locks 2 Keys

5. Dlux 12 Magnet Locks 2 Keys

You can use this lock drawer + cabinet, no problem. Also, you can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry room, storage area, and bedroom. The magnetic baby safety lock is to keep your curious little children away from drawers and cabinets.

With dangerous tools or chemicals, Dlux cabinet locks permit you to possess peace of mind while your kids explore your home. The fixings are secured with high-quality 3M tape to keep your locks in place.

Magnetic keys are provided to disengage the locks. This product is slightly larger than the competitors by regarding 2 mm. The catch hook is about 2 mm wider. This may work wherever your old failed cheapo version used to be before your child tore it apart and danced on its ashes.

It is the best childproof cabinet lock. The discharge magnet is about a similar size as the competitor as well. Read more about the best combination locks

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