The 8 Most secure door locks

Home security is a very important factor for all people. It is very hard to safe from thieves. So, you need to strong way to get the best security. If you use a good quality door lock, you will get safer. You should use the most secure door locks. You will not get a reliable stat about how any burglar operates his mission. However, you can take over their thoughts. Any burglar indeed checks the front door before looking for another path. So, it is important to find a good security system for the door.

Without a good door lock, the burglar may have a chance to break in. Sure, there are a lot of door locks out there, and you can just get any model you want. For that reason, choosing is harder. To help you with this confusion, we have reviewed some of the best models out there in the market. Hopefully, we think you will get to choose a good model for yourself.

Samsung Biometric Touchscreen Lock

1. Samsung Biometric Door locks for Home Security

Why not get a Mortise lock and SmartLock both at the same time? Samsung is the best one in this case. Mainly, the door lock ensures ease of use and proper security in the household. Yes, this door lock was made for public use. Places such as hospitals, school, or university needs proper security and only the people who are permitted to go to certain places need to get access to the place. This door lock ensures that. The lock is programmed to get 31 user codes and 100 fingerprints. As the door lock has a biometric system, security is very tight.

At the same time, you don’t have to waste time, just providing your fingerprint will do the job fine. The door lock will fit onto any 40 mm to 80 mm thick door. Operated using a battery, a battery indicator lets you know when you should change the battery. It comes with a touchscreen so that you can set everything up accordingly. One bothering thing is that it is very tough to install. Installing the door lock takes a lot of time. Otherwise, this is a great lock for your home. Sleek, modern, and easy to use, and maintaining any commercial space or institution is a piece of cake.

Kwikset Juno Keyed Entry Door Knob

2. Kwikset Lock – Good for a Cheap Price

Moving on with more of a traditional-looking door lock. A great door locks for any exterior doors. Firstly, the design of the lock is simply looking. Any burglar is going to get distracted very easily. But there will be many surprises waiting for you. Well, the design may fool you, but the technology is enough to surprise you. This door lock comes with a special SmartKey Technology that always provides the flexibility to re-key your door locks whenever you need it. If you need to change key access without purchasing any new hardware, this lock is the best choice.

A great thing about Smartkey Technology is that you can control the access to your home nicely. Also, you can set who can get access to your house. Re-key the SmartKey as much as you want. No need to worry about security measures. There are times when people move on to a new place or may have lost their key or the key was stolen. In these times, this door lock will come in handy. Just follow three simple steps to re-key the lock. The price is very affordable.

Rishon Enterprises portable door lock for home security

3. Rishon Enterprises – Addalock Portable Lock

This item is another most secure door locks,. Looking for an instant way for adding security to your doors? Something portable is always the easiest way to do so. An Addalock lock is the smart choice for that. Mainly, this is a small and slim lock and you can take it anywhere you want. There are times when you need to care about the safety of your resting place. Having a portable door lock can ensure you a personal space and safety measures just like your home. Also, the door lock is compatible with different types of doors. Attaching the door lock takes just a few seconds.

Once installed, even a key cannot get it off. As the door lock is made from steel plate, professional & very durable. You no need any chain. However, you need to be careful before installing the door lock. Follow the instruction manuals to successfully install the door lock. Once installed, run a key test to avoid any complicacy. Therefore, if you are staying short-time travel, rental home, hotel, motel, or any other place, Addalock will give you the best of securities.

Best for Budget AmazonBasics Exterior Knob

4. Best for Budget AmazonBasics Exterior Knob

AmazonBasics have introduced a classically styled door lock to fool burglars. Actually, this is a basic home security appliance. Also, this is one of the best budget doors locks out there in the market. Amazonbasics doorknob-designed door lock also features a deadbolt. Will receive 2 sets of door handles and knobs for just 25 bucks. However, what are these doorknobs for? Nowadays simple doorknobs cannot offer the best security. Well, you might need to secure some important rooms inside your home.

Only the front door cannot secure your house. If you are running short on your budget, these door locks are great for ensuring high security inside your house. It comes with 5 different finishes and has a vintage style in them. So, the outlook of the doorknobs is soothing for the eye, the key is a matching pocket. Installing the door lock is also very easy. Just arrange the important tools for attaching the door lock, and you are good to go. Certainly, they are not ANSI-graded door locks but they work great.

August Home - Keyless Smart Door Lock

5. August Home – Door locks for Home Security

The system made it very easy for people to improve the day to day life. Any smart door lock is different from keyless locks as they are connected to your phone or smart gadget. This means you can easily control your security system via your smart gadget. It also means you don’t need to worry about losing your key or worrying about a key. However, the August SmartKey door lock is one of the best home automation-enabled locks. The lock is compatible with many deadbolts. Not just that, the door lock is compatible with numerous smart home protocols. Secure your home entry without using any key.

On the other hand, connect your phone or any other smart gadget to control the security system. Installing the August App will give you an upper hand in controlling the whole security system. You can easily send guest keys from anywhere you want. Very easy to install, and easier to control, August Smartkey has plenty of features to make your security tight and execution easy. Features such as voice activation, auto-lock, and open make it a great choice for people who wants to make a smart choice.

Medeco Door Lock Brands

6. Medeco Locks

It has a solid build, Hardened steel casing, and durable insert parts making it tough to withstand any rough condition. Not to mention, the lock is drill-proof. Crooks like to use crowbars or many other common tools to get inside the house. However, the solid build of this door lock ensures they have a hard time breaking the lock.

One other thing that makes the lock uncommon is the pins falling on a vertical level. Duplicating the key of the door lock is also tough as it comes with 22 pins of contact. Medeco only comes as a deadbolt only. So, you need to find a suitable doorknob. Anyways, the special security measurements make it one of the best deadbolt door locks on the market.

best door locks for home

7. LockState Electronic Keyless Locks

Getting a good quality lock means that you have no worries about getting locked out or your kids locking you out. The Lockstate is a great door lock with all the technical support for you to keep the household safe. One of the best things about the lock is that it is reversible. This means you can use the door lock on right or left-handed doors. However, aside from these special features, what are the benefits of this lock? First of all, you can easily set up a 6, 8-10-digit code for your household members. Also, you get the facility to set a one-time user code if you are expecting guests.

Temporarily lockout user access code when you don’t want someone to enter the house. It also comes with a remote control that you can use within a 300 feet range. Yes, the door lock operates using a battery. So, you may need to change the battery. No need to worry about the door lock being turned off. There is a battery indicator installed on the door lock, no need for WIFI. You will get notified when the lock is running out of power. The keypad looks very nice.

Schlage Door Lock

8. Schlage Door Lock

If you are tired of changing deadbolts and looking for a durable and long-lasting door lock, this can be a perfect choice. Well, this door lock may not be as tough as Medeco M3 but the door lock is pick-and-bump resistant. It comes at a very moderate price. You can easily purchase one spending 30$. Installing the door lock is just as easy. Using a Phillips screwdriver will do.

While you are installing the door lock, the “snap and stay” ring is there to hold the locking mechanism. So, you can screw your door lock without any worries at all. Installing the door locks takes just 10 to 11 minutes. On top of that, the door lock is ANSI graded. So, this is a top-notch door lock for any house that wants an easy-to-use door lock.


When purchasing or upgrading your door lock, you will always want the best for security. Whether it is your home or any public place that needs protection, choose the best door locks for home security for your property. Finding door locks is not a big deal. However, finding a reliable lock is quite troublesome. Yes, security comes in just simple devices. But the simple device can give a hard time to those who are trying to break into the house. In this context, we tried to introduce you to tough door locks out there. Now, which one do you think is the perfect one for you?

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