Why you should buy terrazzo floor tiles?

Terrazzo tiles have become popular for property interiors due to their versatility, economic appeal, and aesthetic value. Terrazzo floor tiles fit well with varied interior designs of conventional, modern, and mid-century properties.

Despite being a traditional floor material, terrazzo tiles exude textural beauty that brings interest into contemporary properties. These tiles are generally made from a mixture of granite, glass, quartz, and marble chips blended in a binding material. The extraordinary style of terrazzo tiles is difficult to beat as no other flooring material stands close to its durability and versatility.

The Popularity Of Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Tracing its origin back to the 15th century, terrazzo tiles were developed in an attempt to repurpose undesirable marble chips. A large number of ancient establishments as well as modern houses with contemporary home decor are seen featuring terrazzo tiles. These tiles offer a unique surface that is warmer than marble and more interesting than regular ceramic tiles.

Terrazzo floor tiles are one of the biggest trends in home decor that are mostly preferred for tiling and flooring in the bathroom and kitchen areas. While cement-based terrazzo was traditionally used for tiling, epoxy terrazzo surfaces have recently become a popular form.

At present, around 90% of the terrazzo floor tiles are epoxy based serve as an ideal flooring surface for interior and exterior spaces. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from neutral tones to bright cement bases with vibrant large marble chips.

This wide availability makes it easier to understand why terrazzo bathroom tiles have become a favorite choice for tiling and flooring in bathroom areas.

Key Benefits Of Terrazzo Tiles

The benefits of using terrazzo tiles when renovating a house or interior space are abundant. Property owners looking for a versatile floor choice that assures long-term durability and aesthetic value can always rely on terrazzo tiles.

A staple in many construction projects across residential and commercial sites below discussed are some of the key benefits of terrazzo floor tiles:

Robust & Durable
Given the manufacturing process of terrazzo tiles, they are highly robust and durable in nature. This strong durability and robustness make them perfect for high-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

For instance, bathrooms are one of the most used areas in a house that are constantly exposed to water and moisture. Terrazzo bathroom tiles are perfect as they can withstand all types of wear and tear while lasting longer than other flooring surfaces.

Also, buying terrazzo tiles can save you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run as you won’t have to opt for frequent replacements.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are essential aspects that should be considered while making a flooring choice. Terrazzo tiles are non-porous in nature, meaning no dirt, dust, or moisture can pass through the materials, making them highly stain-resistant.

This makes cleaning and upkeep of terrazzo tiles a breeze with excellent stain and chemical resistance. With terrazzo floor tiles in place, one doesn’t have to worry about heavy cleaning and maintenance costs.

Daily and weekly terrazzo tiles cleaning are pretty easy and can be done with the help of warm water and a mop.

Slip & Water Resistant

One of the key features of terrazzo floor tiles is their high slip and water-resistance properties. Especially in bathroom and kitchen areas, safety is a major concern as the surfaces are mostly wet and slippery.

With terrazzo tiles, you can rest assured of safety from slippery and wet surfaces as the terrazzo material is non-porous and does not absorb moisture or water. Water resistance also adds to the longevity of the floors.

During the installation, terrazzo tiles are mostly sealed with an additional waterproof layer, ensuring that the floors will last the test of time without frequent replacements.

Terrazzo Floor Tiles For Bathrooms: Is It The Best Choice?

While the final call is yours to make, terrazzo bathroom tiles have grown in popularity and have become a top pick for bathroom renovations. One of the primary reasons for this is the non-porous nature of the material which is resistant to water and stains.

Unlike other flooring options like vinyl and carpet, terrazzo tiles also restrict bacteria and mold formation assuring that the floor surfaces are clean and slip-resistant. Also, these floors have high durability and require minimal maintenance making them appropriate for wet and high-traffic areas.

And the best part? Terrazzo floor tiles are eco-friendly and available at the most affordable prices. If sustainability concerns you, opting for terrazzo tiles can be the best choice for you. Terrazzo flooring is made up of recycled materials that minimize waste significantly.

So, if you are looking for durable, decorative, and sustainable flooring choices, explore the varied range of terrazzo flooring to pick the best one for your renovation projects.

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

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