7 Best automatic pet feeders

  1. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed: This feeder allows you to schedule up to 12 meals a day and customize portion sizes. It has a slow-feed option to prevent fast eating and is suitable for both cats and dogs.
  2. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder: This feeder is designed for households with multiple pets. It uses microchip technology to open only for the designated pet, preventing others from stealing food.
  3. Petnet SmartFeeder: This smart feeder allows you to schedule and monitor your pet’s meals through a mobile app. It also offers portion control and has a system that adjusts the portion size based on your pet’s age, weight, and activity level.
  4. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder: With a large capacity and customizable feeding schedules, this feeder is suitable for both dogs and cats. It also has a voice recording feature to call your pet during mealtime.
  5. Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder: This feeder is equipped with a webcam, allowing you to monitor your pet while you’re away. It also has multiple compartments for different types of food and medication.
  6. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder: This feeder offers customizable schedules, portion control, and a voice recorder. It has a built-in infrared sensor to prevent overloading the bowl.
  7. Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder: This feeder has five separate feeding compartments, allowing you to schedule up to five meals a day. It’s suitable for both cats and small dogs.

Before purchasing an automatic pet feeder, consider factors such as the size of your pet, the type and size of kibble it eats, the capacity of the feeder, and any additional features you may find useful.

Last Updated on January 10, 2024

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