6 Best budget moving head lights

Moving headlights, also known as moving head fixtures or simply moving heads. They are a type of stage lighting commonly used in concerts, theaters, clubs, and other live events. These lighting fixtures have a head that can pan (move horizontally) and tilt (move vertically). To project light beams in various directions and create dynamic lighting effects. We have added the best budget moving head lights for you that are very cheap price.

Top Best Budget Moving Head Light

1. Monoprice LED Spot Moving Head Stage Light

Monoprice LED Spot Moving Head Stage Light

Uses a single, 30-watt white LED and a non-template open beam option. 8-position color wheel with 7 color filters (Orange, Cyan, Lavender, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red) and a non-filtered Open/White option. 8 built-in programs 4-channel and 12-channel DMX control modes. 540° of pan movement, 190° of tilt movement. Reversible Pan and Tilt control for inverted or mirrored operation. Reversible menu for inverted operation.

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2. Rockville Spyder LED (8) Beam Moving Head

Rockville Spyder LED (8) Beam Moving Head

Feature-packed moving head light fitted with (8) Moving LED beams. Power input and power output for easy Daisy chaining of multiple lights. Built-in sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music. The constant current feature helps ensure LED longevity. This can be used in conjunction with fog or haze to create a multi-beam effect that will enhance the life of any party. You can also operate these in a sound-activated mode and get beautiful light shows effortlessly. The master/slave mode will allow you to daisy chain and coordinate Multiple lights.

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3. CHAUVET DJ (CHDDJ) Lighting


Extremely compact and lightweight LED moving head perfect for mobile applications. Separate colors and gobo wheels allow for creative programming. Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music. Generate a synchronized show in Master/Slave mode with built-in automated programs. It features separate color and gobo wheels for creative programming but also easy-to-use sound-activated programs for dynamic light shows to sync to the music.

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4. Stage Right Stage Wash 7 x 10W LED Moving Head

Stage Right Stage Wash 7 x 10W LED Moving Head

Monoprice brands have 7x 10-watt RGBW LEDs |9-channel and 14-channel DMX-512 control options. Tilt can be limited to 90, 180, and 270 and Supports RGBW color mixing. Includes a built-in variable electronic strobe function and Includes a built-in variable electronic dimmer function. Includes a vector speed channel for pan/tilt, RGBW color mixing, and color macros and Includes an invert option for pan, tilt, and the LED display. Built-in movement macros via master/slave or DMX control and Fan cooled.

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5. ADJ Products POCKET Best Budget PRO LED Lighting

ADJ Products POCKET PRO LED Lighting

This high-output moving head lamp features colorful GOBO projection with a built-in color wheel and GOBO wheel. This lightweight innovative lighting machine is easy to hang with including Omega Clamp. Feature fan cooling system and a durable, high-quality casing. Line your stage or venue with several Pocket Pro fixtures with easily linkable connectors through a 3-pin DMX cable.

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6. Pyle Rotating DJ Party Stage Light

Pyle Rotating DJ Party Stage Light

This budget-friendly moving night disco/stage light rotates in a pattern to change the position of the spotlight from the floor to the wall and even the indoor-outdoor party lights are a great alternative for a disco ball. Has a built-in mic that detects the BPM of the music playing and adjusts the speed. This professional DJ lighting system contains focused FX 4-in-1 x 10W. RGBW bulb provides the full-color spectrum for a more impressive light show. Combine this light with any other light and synchronize multiple moving lights to work together from one controller.

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How to control moving head lights?

Controlling headlights requires a lighting console or controller capable of communicating with the fixtures using the DMX512 protocol. DMX512 is the standard communication protocol used in the lighting industry to control lighting fixtures and devices. Here’s a general step-by-step guide:

  • Set Up the Lights: First, physically install and connect the headlights to a power source. And ensure they are securely mounted in the desired positions on the stage or rig.
  • DMX Universe and Addressing: Each light requires a unique DMX address so that the console can communicate with it individually. Set the DMX address on each fixture using DIP switches or through a software interface. Make sure no two fixtures share the same address, and each fixture is within the DMX universe range supported by your console.
  • Connect the DMX Cables: Use DMX cables to connect the moving headlights to the lighting console. Daisy-chain the fixtures in the order of their DMX addresses. Connecting the console’s DMX output to the first fixture’s DMX input and then from the first fixture’s DMX output to the second fixture’s DMX input.
  • Power On and Test: Turn on the lighting console. Verify that each fixture responds appropriately, pans, tilts, and produces light when given a DMX signal. If there are any issues, check the addressing and connections.
  • Patch the Fixtures: In the lighting console, you’ll need to “patch” the moving head fixtures, which means assigning their DMX addresses to specific channels or attributes. For example, you might assign pan movement to channel 1, tilt movement to channel 2, color to channel 3, etc. The number of channels required depends on the features and capabilities of the moving head fixtures.
  • Create Lighting Cues: Once the fixtures are patched, you can start creating lighting cues. These cues are pre-programmed sequences of movements, colors, and effects that you want during the performance. You can control various parameters such as pan, tilt, color, intensity, gobos, and more.
  • Record and Playback: After creating your lighting cues, you can record them into the lighting console’s memory or cue list. During the performance, you can play back these cues manually or use automated triggers to synchronize the lighting with the show’s audio or video cues.
  • Live Control: During the live performance, the lighting operator can control the headlights in real-time using the console’s physical faders, touchscreen, or software interface. They can adjust pan and tilt positions, colors, and intensity, and apply live effects as needed.

What to look for when buying moving head lights?

There are various types of moving heads, including spotlights, wash lights, and beam lights, each serving different purposes. Consider the specific applications you need the fixtures for and choose the appropriate type accordingly. Ensure that the head lights are compatible with DMX512 control. This is the standard protocol used to communicate with lighting fixtures. Consider whether you need fixtures with continuous or limited movement. Consider the brightness or output of the fixtures. This is usually measured in lumens for LED fixtures. Higher brightness allows the lights to be visible in larger venues or outdoor settings.

Check the color mixing capabilities of the fixtures. Some fixtures have a range of color LEDs that can be mixed to create various hues. If you need to adjust the beam angle, look for fixtures with motorized zoom functionality. This allows you to change the focus and spread of the light beam as needed. Some moving lights can produce a certain amount of noise due to their internal cooling systems or moving parts. Just check the noise level. Determine your best budget moving headlights and explore reputable brands known for producing high-quality fixtures. Read more best clip hat light.

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