Expensive hard hats

MSA 475407 Skullgard Full-Brim Hard HatMSA 475407 Skullgard Full-Brim Hard Hat with Fas-Trac. Crafted with a phenolic shell and handmade for durability, toughness, and quality. This helmet is usable in a variety of industries. The Ratchet comfort pad is contoured to the back of the head, improving airflow and preventing hair-pulling. MSA gives the ultimate experience in hardhat customization.View Amazon
DAX Carbon Fiber Full BrimDAX Carbon Fiber Full Brim, helmet line with race-inspired designs offers a 6-point suspension system for superior comfort and impact protection. Features an innovative synthetic leather comfort dome and an oversized ratcheting fitment dial that makes adjustments.View Amazon
Lift Safety DAX Fifty 50 Carbon Fiber Full Brim HardhatLIFT Safety HDF50C-19WC Lift Safety DAX Fifty 50 Full Brim Hard hat. Perforated synthetic leather comfort dome with molded EVA foam insert for additional shock-absorbing protection to the top of the head. Brim grip, exclusive design provides a secure feel.View Amazon
DAX FiberDAX Fiber, 6-point suspension system for a secure, comfortable fit. Triple reinforced crown for superior impact protection. Oversized ratcheting fitment dial to adjust the size, easy to grip and use with gloves on. Perforated synthetic leather comfort dome with molded EVA foam insert for additional shock-absorbing protection to the top of the head.View Amazon
Klein Tools 60347Klein Tools 60347 Premium KARBN Pattern, Rechargeable Lamp, Padded Sweat-Wicking Sweatband. Machine washable breathable, padded sweat-wicking sweatband and top pad improve comfort with advanced evaporative technology. No straps or zip ties are needed.View Amazon
Lift Safety HDC-18WG DAX Carbon Fiber White HardLift Safety HDC-18WG Carbon Fiber Hats. Designed to offer outstanding protection in hot and dangerous industries. This hat shell has been tested to radiant heat loads producing temperatures up to 350˚ FView Amazon
DAX Actual Carbon Fiber Cap Style Hard Hat - Glossy BlackDAX Actual Cap Style Hard Hat. Features a 6-point ratchet suspension with a soft padded harness for additional cushioning. Fiber-reinforced resin shell for superior impact protection Brim grip.View Amazon
MSA 475396 Skullgard Cap Style SafetyMSA 475396 Skullgard Cap Style Safety expensive hard hats with Fas-Trac. Ensure continued wear with drastically improved comfort and a graspable ratchet. Use for steel mills, welding, construction, open-pit mining, and oil /gas /petrochemical refineries.View Amazon

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