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Are you considering doing your hair cutting at home? If you are, you should invest in a high-quality electric hair clipper. Using a clipper will make it much simpler to cut your hair. In that case, the size of the guards that come with the clippers should be your first lesson. A best hair clipper guard directs the amount of hair that is removed from the clipper by covering the blades.

Top of the hair clipper guard:

BaBylissPRO Barberology Comb Set  BaBylissPRO, The metal clip on each comb guard secures the guard onto the blade. They are very sturdy, they are very easy to attach, and very easy to remove. And once they are snapped in place, they do not move around. The guards are nice and sturdy, thick plastic with a metal clip, the teeth are a comfortable space apart they aren’t flimsy. PRICE
Wahl Clipper Genuine Elite Attachment Guard Organization Kit Wahl Clipper Genuine Elite Attachment Guard Organization Kit. The included case and tray help keep the guards organized and in one convenient location so they are not lost or misplaced. The guards include large print comb sizes in inches and millimeters. And metal plates for easy identification. Achieve the cutting length you desire with this complete set of 12 hair-clipper guide combs. PRICE
Andis Master Series Premium Hair Clipper Attachment Comb Set Andis Master Series Premium is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, and safe premium metal materials. It fondles admiringly because the high-grade guiding comb set is lovely and small. The blade and pull-up to secure, and is simple to use. It can make many hairstyles such as caving, styling, and most types of hair arts. Allows you to cut hair to a consistent length with just one blade. PRICE
Oster Professional 76926-800 Oster Professional 76926-800, This set is made from plastic that is just the right balance of rigid and flexible. It is rigid enough to stay and place and not bend when in use. The wide range of sizes makes it easy to give a good cut. They are sturdy enough to last quite some time with proper care. These have a bit more flex making them mount tighter, quieter, and appear as if they will last longer. PRICE
Andis 33655 Andis 33655, The blade is firmly fastened to the trimmer with the help of the metal clip-on plastic comb. This detachable comb is perfect for removing the long hairs of dogs. Longer dog hair can pass through the blades more quickly because of the steep teeth and space between them. The product comes with a combo set of 7 combs which are color coded with different colors. PRICE
Andis 01410 Professional Master Clipper Guards Andis 01410, easily fits with various models like MBA, MC-2, ML, PM-1, PM-4, and PM-5, PM family hair clippers. You can trim different lengths of hair with different cutting clippers. This is made of high-quality PC and metal materials. It is long-lasting and simple to clean, with moderate hardness, and it is designed to give the sharp performance that experts need. PRICE

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