9 Best tennis shoe brands for women

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Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Shoes, Butterfly table tennis shoes are the popular choice of top table tennis players. The B-Armor covers the front upper part with KPU materials that cushion the forefoot and protect your foot during fast movements. The design prevents undesired movements and enhances the feeling of a perfect match. The bridge-shaped middle sole supports a sliding movement during play. Contains a wingtip a specifically formed outer sole with a superior grip and assists your footwork. A particular shock-absorbing sponge is placed between the outer and center soles of the forefoot. Which options for cushioning and suppleness superb grip, and may be very snug. Additionally, the design of the shoe tongue is very good. Find the tongue to shift to the outer aspect after a while of running or jumping. However since the tongue is fixed on the internal side, it is not an issue anymore.

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